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Early Firebird 1.0.x versions did not include a control panel applet to start/stop the server (as known from Interbase 6 Open Edition). So I've created my own "Firebird Control Panel Applet". Since Firebird 1.5 now includes a native "Firebird Server Manager", I decided to rename my CPL to "Firebird Control Center" to avoid confusion.


Due to registry key changes in FB1.5, the Firebird Control Center is not compatible with Firebird 1.0.x. If you need a Control Panel for Firebird 1.0.x, please download fbmgr V0.22.

Firebird Control Center is not able to switch between different Firebird server instances (for example switch between Firebird 1.0 and Firebird 1.5). If you would like to have both Firebird 1.0 and Firebird 1.5 running on the same machine, please look at InterBase and Firebird Coexistance-Project on

What's new?

V0.4.4, 2015-05-07


This package is Free Software available under Mozilla Public License V1.1.
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    fbcc.src.7z (104 KB, V0.4.2, 2010-10-16)

  • To compile yourself (Delphi 2010), you'll the the following 3rd-party components:

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